Mechanical Engineering Department


Laboratory Head of Laboratory
Laboratory of Fuel and Combustion Dr. Bambang Sudarmanta, S.T, M.T
Laboratory of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Prof. Dr. Ir. Djatmiko Ichsani, M.Eng
Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery Nur Ikhwan, ST, M.Eng
Laboratory of Solid Mechanics Dr. Ir. Agus Sigit Pramono, DEA
Laboratory of Vibration and Dynamical Systems Dr.Eng. Harus laksana Guntur, S.T.,M.Eng
Laboratory of Industrial Automation Dr. M. Nur Yuniarto, ST.MT
Laboratory of Automotives Prof. Ir. I Nyoman Sutantra, M.Sc., PhD
Laboratory of Manufacturing Process Ir. Bobby Oedy P.S., M.Sc., PhD
Laboratory of Manufacturing System Ir. Sudijono Kromodihardjo, M.Sc., PhD
Laboratory of Machine Tool Prof. Dr. Ing. Ir. Suhardjono, M.Sc
Laboratory of Metallurgy Prof. Dr. Ir. Wajan Berata, DEA
Laboratory of Foundry technology Dr. Ir. Soeharto, DEA
Laboratory of Product Design and Development Prof.Dr.Ing.Ir.I Made Londen Batan,M.Eng