Study Programs

Graduate Studies

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Department of Architecture holds two graduate programs, they are Master and Doctoral Programs. Architecture graduate program has an international reputation in science, technology, and art, primarily related to the field of architecture, housing and settlements, and urban environments. State of the art of architecture to the environment remains the main color of their respective areas of expertise.

Master of Architecture has eight areas of expertise and oneprofessional education students to choose appropriate talent and ability, including: Housing and Settlement, Theory, History and Criticism of Architecture, Design of Cities, Environmental Architecture, Urban Development Management, Development Studies, Architectural Design, Architectural Profession (PPARs).

For the Doctoral Program, the department has some competency areas such as Housing and Settlement, Landscape Architecture and the Environment.

Undergraduate Studies

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Bachelor program of Architecture has 144 credits for student loads with the 4 years of accomplished time needed. This amount is divided into 36 credits for preparation stage and 108 credits for undergraduate stage. For the undergraduate level, there are nine disciplines which can be chosen by the student, such as:

  1. Architecture Theory, History & Criticism
  2. Architecture Design
  3. Architectural Technology / Engineering
  4. Professional and Social Practice
  5. Visual Arts and Design Computing
  6. Urban Design / Planning
  7. Housing and Human Settlement Studies
  8. Landscape Architecture
  9. Environment and Behaviour Studies / Environmental Design