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Creative Industry Era

After going through economic development with industrial and information era, nowadays, the world is getting into creative or conceptual era. This issue means that the advance of a country determined by its creative human resources. Innovation and creativity are two things that can’t be separated. Franklin infers that creativity covers problem identification and idea generation, while innovation covering idea development and execution. Bishop define that creativity consist of exploration and exploitation elements.

The conclusions are that creativity is no only depended on a gift, but actually, creativity can be learned and managed. Creativity learning has to be based on the forming of three main attitudes, which include, open mind, open heart and open will. To respond these phenomena, ITS as a leading college in Indonesia provide an education of creativity in design through Industrial Product Design Major, which consist of two field bachelor degree, Product Design and Visual Communication Design.

Product Design is a design field that concern on learning and applying innovative concepts in order to solve a design problems and necessity of functional product with aesthetic, ergonomic, technology, social-culture, and economic approach to create value for a better quality of live.




Visual Communication Design concern on the processing visual language as a tool to communicates a message, information, or a brand image for social or commercial purposes using either print or electronic media.