Study Programs

Undergraduate Studies

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The undergraduate program has been established since 1965. This program is focused to produce competent graduates in the field of pure and applied mathematics, as an entrepreneur, researchers, consultants or academic experts. In addition,  this department also preparing graduates to become experts in the field of information and communication technology.

In achieving competent graduates, undergraduate program of Mathematics Department has prepared curriculum by concentrating on areas of interest, which are implemented in four areas of study as follows:

  • Analysis and Algebra
    This area is focused on the development of mathematics fundamentals, analysis and algebra, and thus able to follow and develop new theories of mathematics and others.
  • Simulation and Modeling
    Simulation and Modeling is focused on developing and understanding the fundamentals of mathematics, modeling system and stimulation, to be implemented and solve real problems.
  • Operation Research and Data Processing
    This area is emphasizing the development and understanding of mathematic fundamentals, operations research, statistical data processing, and statistics, to be developed and applied in real problems.
  • Computer Science
    Computer Science concentrates on the development and understanding the fundamentals of mathematics, computational science, and system information so that it is able to build or develop professional software.


Master Program

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Mathematics Master Program specializes to produce graduates who will be academics and researchers in pure mathematics and applied mathematics. Master Program is held within 4 semesters (2 years), with a maximum study period in 4 years. Total credit is 40 credits including thesis. Academic calendar starts in early September, while the second semester starts in early February and ends in June. Academic activities include: lectures, assignments and independent study, laboratory activities, library studies, discussions and seminars.

Master program of Mathematics Department offers two fields of study namely

  • Computation and Modeling
    focuses in modeling the problems of industrial and natural phenomena into mathematical models and solves them in numerical or analytical method.
  • Applied Analysis
    focuses on the ability to understand arising problem in the field of mathematics and expanding it to applied mathematics or science.