Material & Metallurgial Engineering

Study Programs

Graduate Studies

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Magister program of Material & Metallurgical Engineering is a continued academic program from its undergraduate program. The Magister Program is designed for enhancing graduate student with high knowledge in the field of Material and Metallurgical. Graduate student is expected to be able

for implementing, developing, and creating new research in the field of Material and Metallurgical Engineering. The research outcome should be able to account in the development of material and metallurgical engineering for national and international admission.

Undergraduate Studies

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Undergraduate Program of Material and Metallurgical Engineering has successfully received “A” grade of accreditation of BAN-PT Number36/BAN-PT/AK-XIII/S1/I/2011. The undergraduate courses have a study load of 144 credits that can be finished within 8 semesters. The department currently has three mains Research of Interest, such as:

  1. Manufacture and Metallurgical Engineering
  2. Corrosion Engineering and Materials Failure Analysis

Innovative-Materials Engineering