Urban and Regional Planning

Study Programs

Undergraduate Studies

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The Department of URP-ITS also committed to conduct Bachelor Degree program with 144 credits within 8 semesters, whereby final project as Bachelor thesis will be conducted on the last semester. Currently URP-ITS Department has supported by 21 lectures (4 lectures Ph.D.) and tend to increase the human resources accompanied by rising the demand of students in URP-ITS (at the first acceptance in 2020, 30 students have increased to 80 students per year in 2012). By taking into consideration to support student activities, department of URP-ITS provides enough space and quality e.g. laboratories, library, and classrooms. At the present, department of URP-ITS still using the regular form which students coming from local people (Indonesian), however in the future we are open for any participation students from abroad. Feel free to contact head of URP-ITS department for the latest progress of this mechanism.

Research Concentration

  • Department of URP ITS has several main topics as research concentration, i.e. regional and urban economic, urban risk and disaster management, ecological carrying capacity, coastal city planning and management, urban climate change, urban design, spatial modelling, Geographic Information System, Transportation Planning and Management, Policy in Planning, Participatory planning and Community development.