Civil Engineering

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Graduate Studies

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Department of Civil Engineering under the Faculty of Civil Technology and Planning (FTSP) has two programs, they are Master Degree in Civil Engineering and Master of Civil Engineering degree program. Master of Civil Engineering program has a total of 40-42 credit credits with a normal time study 4 semesters.

The accomplish time needed for the program is two years of graduate school, which is divided into 4 (four) semesters. The study load of each semester is 12 credits, 1 (one) graduate credit hours in the program requires four (4) hours of the academic activities each week for 18 weeks per semester. Total expenses for the credit master's program is 44 credit hours consisting of the compulsory courses, elective courses and thesis research and writing.

Meanwhile, Civil Engineering Doctor program implemented in 4 semesters (2 years) with a maximum time limit of the study is 4 years. The total credit of this program is 40 credits consist of 18 credits of courses or independent study and 32 credits of dissertation in accordance with the curriculum.

There are six areas of expertise at the Masters and Doctoral Program in Civil Engineering which could be selected according to the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest as follows:

  1. Geotechnical
    Graduate Program in the Department of Civil Engineering Geotechnical FTSP-ITS design of Master and Doctoral Program is aimed to meet the needs of geotechnical experts who will be relied upon to face the challenges of the growing problems of development. Master Program curriculum is designed so that there is a balance between understanding the experimental, analytical and numerical. Master Program graduates are expected to fill the need of experts in educational institutions, research, government and industry sector as professionals. Doctoral Program curriculum is emphasized to improve the ability of research and development in the field of geotechnical science.
  2. Structural Engineering
    The Graduate Program provides three options, they are: The Iron and Steel Group and The Mechanical Engineering group
  3. Construction Project Management (MP)
    Construction Project Management Graduate Program aims to increase the quality for faculty, practitioners, consultants, professional and other relevant agencies in order to create a strong leader who is able to control a large-scale project with a mastery of project management in particular the construction industry as a whole.

Undergraduate Studies

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Established on November 10, 1957, the Civil Engineering Program is one of the oldest among departments of ITS. The department has received accreditation A by BAN-PT and also the first in Indonesia to obtain ISO 9001:2000 certifications in academics since 2007. Future studies of Civil Engineering ITS can be accomplished with a normal 8 semesters or 4 years with a minimum of 144 credits in total credits.

The structure of the curriculum in Civil Engineering ITS consists of two stages. The first stage is the preparation stage for two semesters with 36 credits for the study loads. The second stage can be taken for 6 semesters with 108 credits for study loads.Civil Engineering Department also has a diploma program. D-IV program is a vocational program (applied) which are more towards the use / application of scientific principles which aims to create ready-to-work graduates.

Competency D-IV graduate program in Civil Engineering is a Level 6 of Civil Engineer according to KKNI 2012 and equivalent to the bachelor  graduate program. D-IV graduates can work as a Civil Engineer in accordance with the chosen field of study and the subject of the final project.

Diploma Studies

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Diploma Program of Civil Engineering was established in 1976, which is the oldest Diploma Program in ITS. This program has produced more than 6500 graduates since that time. Our vision is to become the best diploma program in civil engineering in East Indonesia within 10 years time. Unlike other diploma program at ITS, our program has already owned and developed separate facilities at Campus Manyar ITS (buildings and laboratories)  and has high dedicated and professional lecturers. The lecturers to student ratio of diploma program is among the best at ITS. Our graduates have the shortest waiting time to get jobs and have worked in many big companies throughout Indonesia.

In contrast to academic program, diploma program has developed competence based curriculum, which focused more on civil engineering application (60%) rather than on theoretical approach. Diploma program runs two main different courses, 3-years diploma program (DIII) and 4-year diploma program (DIV). In addition, our program has also developed curriculum based on request by user, such as public work department. We also run short courses on specialized civil engineering application.