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Statistics Department which is under controlled by ITS Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences open S-2 Statistics Postgraduate courses started the year 1999/2000.

ITS Postgraduate Statistics program is supported by 25 teaching staff with qualifications: 2 Professors, 4 Doctors, and 19 Masters. Available supported facilities are lecture rooms, 2 Laboratories, Reading Room with more than 1,000 library materials, scientific journals, and and the student research (Thesis / Thesis), and ITS Statistics Lecturers researches are available for the development study materials every student learn.

S-2 Study Program Statistics carried out 4 semesters (2 years), maximum limit time of the study period is 4 years. The least Credit load are 40 credits, including a thesis by curriculum accordance. The first semester of academic calendar is begun in early September, while the second semester begins in early February and ends in June. Academic activities include: lectures, Laboratory practice, field practise, seminars, research and so on which are implemented by the supervisor guidance system.

Statistics Doctoral Program (S-3) has 40 credits load which must be completed within 6 semesters (3 years) by curriculum accordance.



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Program S1 Statistika terbagi atas empat bidang minat yaitu Bidang Studi Statistika Industri, Bidang Studi Statistika Komputasi, serta Bidang Studi Statistika Bisnis dan Sosial. Program Sarjana Statistika ITS didukung oleh 25 staf pengajar dengan kualifikasi: 2 orang Profesor, 4 orang Doktor, serta 19 Master. Sarana penunjang yang tersedia adalah  Ruang Kuliah, 2 Laboratorium, Ruang Baca dengan lebih dari 1000 bahan pustaka, jurnal ilmiah, dan hasil-hasil penelitian mahasiswa (Tugas Akhir/Tesis) dan penelitian dosen Statistika ITS tersedia untuk bahan studi pengembangan belajar setiap mahasiswa. Dua laboraturium yang disediakan adalah.

  • Statistics Laboratory
    This Laboratory has activities related to Applied Statistics (such as: Statistical Quality Control, Reliability, Experiments Design, Nonparametric Regression, Sampling Techniques, etc.) are supported by as many as 100 computers with Pentium IV processor base that are connected to a computer network hub Statistics Department.

  • Computing Laboratory
    This Laboratory has activities related to the statistical computing development. In Laboratory has available SERVER computer that handles the entire computer network at Statistics Department. In Laboratory also have available 100 computers with Pentium IV base and some computational program packages (such as SPLUS, GPSs, QC Custum, STATGRAPHIC, EXECUSTAT, MINITAB, SAS, and SPSS)



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Statistics D3 studies program was founded in 1985, the Statistics Department under management. This courses Establishment is driven by the large of Statistics intermediate power requirements which can support statistical analysis works in industry, business and social. Statistics D3 studies program is intended to produce human resources with statistics skills such as able to apply statistical production processes evaluation purpose and business and planning purpose.

Cross Track Program

Based on Academic Regulations 2004, graduate Diploma III program can follow the cross-track program by following the Graduate Program with the same cources in ITS when they are:

  • Passed the entrance examination conducted by ITS.
  • Graduate Diploma III Program with IP = 3.51
  • Graduate Diploma III Program with 2.76 =; IP = 3.50 had worked in their field one year from the qualification date of diploma.
  • Graduate Diploma III Program with IP = 2.75 and had worked in their field two years from the qualification date of diploma.